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9eptune City Surf & Skateboard Club!

Surfing the streets & parks of Philadelphia and beyond.
Skateboarding is art, sport, self-expression, meditation.
Learn, improve, enjoy. Come ride with us!

please find us on Instagram at:

Love City Surf Club's slack team founder Jack Murphy shares that:

Somehow trying to organize sessions with a few homies into a community of 120+ folks who share a love of riding on useless wooden toys. Grateful to all the good people we’ve met along the way who share the stoke.

All are welcome! DM this account (Instagram @lovecitysurfclub) to hop on the slack and join the crew. See you out there.

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: For more information, to add community links, etc., feel free to contact Remo via Instagram (@r3m0sk8) or e-mail (remo@noflesh.com)